Morning Reads for National Lighthouse Day (August 7)

Good morning, and happy National Lighthouse Day! On this day in 1789, Congress approved legislation “for the establishment and support of lighthouse, beacons, buoys and public piers.” For those of you fortunate enough to be on the Golden Isles today, I hope you have the opportunity to celebrate by stopping by one of Georgia’s lighthouses, three of which are open for tours.

Pat Conroy

  • If you’ve had a hospital stay recently, you’re already aware that Georgia hospitals are expensive, but now we have data that suggests they’re more costly that comparable stays in other states.
  • Several environmental groups have asked the state’s Environmental Protection Division to deny permits for five sites for coal ash disposal, citing that the sites are unlined and close to rivers.
  • Seven children were rescued in Georgia as a result of the FBI’s nationwide child trafficking sting.
  • Federal lawsuit against the Georgia Board of Dentistry may limit who can legally straighten your teeth.
  • Allen Peake is unhappy with Brian Kemp’s slow appointments to the new Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission.
  • Augusta’s government has confirmed it’s under an active FBI investigation of “unknown scope.”
  • President Trump’s call for “red flag” gun laws has some support amongst Georgia Democrats. Republicans, on the other hand, all looked for ways to oppose it without drawing ire from the president.

Alice Walker

Flannery O’Connor

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9 months ago

You can almost walk to the Cockspur lighthouse (at low tide). There is a beautiful trail from Ft. Pulaski that goes almost all the way, but close to the lighthouse is all dense oyster beds, and those shells are sharp!

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