Trump Trailing in Georgia 2020 Poll, State Rated Toss Up

Democrats: should you wish to win Georgia in 2020, simply nominate Generic Democrat.

S/he is leading Trump 50-46 and 49 percent of Georgia Peaches disapprove of President Trump’s performance in the latest poll from Public Policy Polling.

What doesn’t augur well for Republicans is the possible future of Georgia’s electorate. (Although, as I point out repeatedly, for 20 years now the looming Democratic majority in Georgia is just one election away).

Generational change is a big reason why Georgia’s finding itself on the potential battleground state list. This poll found a generic Democrat leading Trump 64-24 among voters under 30, 59-33 when you expand it to voters under 45, and 52-43 when you expand it to voters under 65. Georgia (along with Texas) has one of the biggest age gaps we see in our polling and that makes it almost inevitable that some year- if not 2020- Democrats are going to get a big statewide win in one or both of those states.

Part of generational change in Georgia is the electorate becoming more and more racially diverse and that plays to Democrats’ advantage as well. White Georgians continue to be an incredibly Republican group, giving Trump a 69-27 advantage. But nonwhite voters- who are growing in their share of the electorate- say they will vote Democratic over Trump 84-12 next year.

No candidate is better than Generic Democrat which is a big pinch of salt. And 538 gave PPP a B rating so who knows.

Full PDF results are here.


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