Ginny Ehrhart To GRTL: It’s Not Me, It’s You

With “friends” like Georgia Right To Life, who needs enemies?

Georgia Right to Life is a relic of the pro-life movement. Having long since purified itself into irrelevance, and having had its charter revoked from National Right to Life for being part of the problem rather than being part of the solution, the group is doubling down on its own inconsequentiality.

With Georgia’s “heartbeat bill” now law, you would think that GRTL would be doing victory laps. Instead, they’re threatening members of the legislature over their heartbeat bill votes. NOT the ones that voted against it, mind you. They’re threatening members that voted FOR the bill.

Yes, I’ll let you re-read that last sentence again. Georgia Right To Life wants to oust those that voted FOR the piece of pro-life legislation that has pro-abortion groups targeting Georgia and Georgians because of the bill.

State Representative Ginny Ehrhart is one of the people that voted for the bill that has received a “Dear Jane” letter from GRTL. She was a co-sponsor of the bill. GRTL takes exceptions to the exceptions in the bill. She’s penned a response for the Marietta Daily Journal. Click the link and read it all. ALL of it.

I like her style. She begins with a bit of humor to put a humorless bunch in their place. There’s the required use of the word “Pharisees” to accurately describe the group, a biblical reference to King Solomon’s baby, and Jesus’ admonishment not to emulate religious elite and blind fools. Only a half point is deducted for missing the opportunity for a “money changers in the temple” reference.

Most importantly, the point is directly made of the hypocrisy of GRTL. They will not save the babies they can, choosing instead to wait until they can get everything they want. The babies that get aborted in the interim are apparently just collateral damage on Georgia Right To Life’s path to glory.

Any exception is unacceptable to GRTL. By refusing to do what they can to put any limits on abortion procedures, they keep the issue (and their perceived relevance) alive. As long as abortions are legal and unrestricted, they can perceive themselves as sitting at the right hand of power.

May the Lord have mercy on their souls, because they’re not going to find much in the state capitol. By sending these letters, GRTL has made it clear that absolutely no-one needs to take them or their demands seriously ever again. Good riddance.

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