“Best Case Scenario” For Atlanta: 4.5-Degree Avg Temp Increase

Yesterday the Crowther Lab released a study of the predicted climate change of 250 global cities. I suppose it’s good news that Atlanta is considered alongside such great cities as London, Beijing, Fez and Ljubljana.

Anyway, the study was done to make climate change data more relatable and offered a “best case scenario”. The “best case” for Atlanta isn’t really good.

By 2050, the climate of Atlanta will be most similar to that of current-day Memphis. The maximum temperature of the warmest month is likely to increase by 3.1°C, resulting in a mean annual temperature change of 2.4°C.

We have to convert those Communist Temperatures to Freedom Temperatures and our average July high temperature would hit 95 degrees. Our average temperature is currently 62.1 degrees and in this best case outlook would be 66.5 degrees.

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