Handel, Ott Win Straw Polls At Annual Cobb GOP BBQ

Georgia Association of College Republicans Chairman Peter Minetos participates in a reading of the Declaration of Independence.

The Cobb County Republican Party held it’s annual BBQ today, complete with a straw poll and about 3-4 hours of “family fun”, i.e. sitting indoors and listening to various presentations and candidate speeches.

11th District Congressman Barry Loudermilk addresses the Cobb GOP Independence Day BBQ.

The news out of most of these types of events usually includes straw polls, and there were a few candidate announcements for 2020. First up, the straw poll.

Karen Handel won the straw poll contest for the 6th district Congressional nomination. (Disclosure, I’m a former consultant to Handel’s campaigns and remain a strong supporter.) Handel received 111 votes to Marjorie Green’s 49, Nicole Rodden’s 29, Brandon Beach’s 24, and Kenneth Brown’s 18.

Former Congresswoman Karen Handel addresses the Cobb GOP Independence Day BBQ. Handel won the straw poll conducted at the event for the 6th District Congressional nomination.

Perhaps more curious was Bob Ott’s win over Mike Boyce, 103-79, for Cobb Commission Chairman. Ott has not announced a challenge to Boyce for the Chairmanship, and Boyce is an incumbent Republican in a straw poll at a local Republican BBQ. So….moving on.

Several candidates announced they are running for the state legislature at the event. Rose Wing, who has served as the Cobb GOP Chair as well as various offices in the Cobb and Georgia Federation of Republican Women, announced a candidacy for House District 37. This is the seat formerly held by Republican Sam Teasley, now held by Democrat Frances Williams who defeated Teasley by less than 1% of the vote.

Rose Wing, long time Cobb GOP activist, is running for House District 37. The district was formerly held by Republican Sam Teasley and is now held by Democrat Mary Frances Williams.

Taryn Chilivis Bowman announced her candidacy for HD 40, currently held by Democrat Erick Allen. Bowman lost to Republican Matt Bentley in a 2018 primary, who ultimately was defeated by Allen. The Vinings area seat was previously held by Republican Rich Golich, who declined to run for re-election.

Republican Harrison Lance will be challenging Jen Jordan in Senate District 6, should he earn the GOP nomination. The last Republican to hold Ga’s 6th State Senate District was Hunter Hill, who ran for Governor in 2018.

Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren worked the crowd and the mic during the event, reminding the crowd that the Democrats are now looking county-wide at elections they believe are winnable, including his.

All in all, it was a hot day spent indoors in Marietta today. A reminder that we’ll go through 3.5 seasons before voters actually get to cast votes in a primary to determine who will actually earn their party’s nominations.

Rep Ed Setzler, Former Congresswoman Karen Handel, and Rep Bert Reeves at the Cobb GOP Independence Day BBQ.

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