Morning Reads – July 4th Eve

The Deep Dark is out getting darker, so I am filling in.

The World’s Game

The women’s national team defeated England yesterday 2 – 1 and move onto the World Cup Final to face the winner between Sweden and the Netherlands. The final will take place this Sunday at 11:00 a.m.

The men’s national team will take on Jamaica tonight at 9:30 p.m. to try to advance to the Gold Cup final.


I was once a Math education major, so we will open with a math puzzle. See if you can make an equation using today’s date. For example: (7+3) + (2*0) = (1+9)

News to Peruse

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I started beekeeping this past spring. I have 3 hives. I caught two swarms and bought a package of bees from a place in Taccoa. This time next year I should have about 20-40 pounds of honey. I have been stung about 4 times so far. It’s not bad, you get used to it. There are lots of hobby beekeepers in Georgia. You can keep bees in a subdivision in Georgia (state law), just make sure they are not where kids and neighbors can be easily stung. I planted a lot of flowers this past spring and early summer (sunflowers,… Read more »

Mr. Bear
Mr. Bear

The thing that really sold beekeeping to me when I first discovered it had to do with how the honey was extracted. The frames containing honey were brought into a special structure that kept the bees outside. The bee-made wax cap covering of the honey-filled comb was cut off and the frame was placed in a centrifuge. Spun off from the comb in the frames, honey would collect in the bottom of the centrifuge and then be drawn off to fill jars and bottles. As the extraction process was completed, you were left with the messy remains in both the… Read more »


And you can make mead with the leftover honey. Candles with the leftover wax.
My neighbors (I live in the boondocks) tell me they like seeing the honeybees-it helps their apples, peaches, melons, berries, etc. produce more.

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

What time does TV coverage of the politburo parade begin tomorrow? That’ll be a good time to be among friends in the community, rather than aggrandizing a narcissistic cult leader.