Happy Birthday, Charlie

GeorgiaPol is Charlie Harper’s lawn that he allows us to play on. Well, at least when he is in a good mood. He has added another candle to his proverbial cake today and we would like to take a moment to share the Happiest of Birthday wishes to him.

I have known Charlie for many years, first as Icarus and then as Charlie. He is passionate about the betterment of Georgia and he takes it very seriously. He has done a tremendous amount of work outside of the spotlight to make Georgia a better place, and I am so thankful for his efforts.

People sometimes get the wrong impression about Charlie as they just see him from his job here as the boss and on his Facebook page. Well, I can tell you that the Charlie I know cares about people. A lot. Especially his family and friends. He encourages people to be their best, even when he has to be blunt and honest with them.

Alright. I am going to stop, because Charlie may threaten to kick me off of his lawn. Again. 🙂 Happy Birthday, Sir.


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