Marjorie Greene Issues Open Letter to Rep. McBath

Well, if nothing else, GA-6 appears to be a race that will be entertaining. Late Friday night, Marjorie Greene, a Republican candidate in GA-6, issued an open letter to Rep. Lucy McBath (D, GA-6), after McBath mentioned Greene in a fundraising letter (see image of McBath’s letter at bottom of post).

The letter (posted as received, without any edits, corrections, additions, or deletions):

Dear Lucy,

Since your campaign just sent out a fundraising email about me stating that I am likely who you face in the election of November of 2020, I thought I would properly introduce myself.

My name is Marjorie Greene. I am Georgia born, Georgia raised, graduated from University of Georgia, and a Georgia business owner. I have been a home owner in the 6th district since 1997. I have a strong christian faith. I have been married for 23 years and I am blessed to be the mother of three amazing children.

The 6th district is my home. However this is not true for you since you filed your Homestead Exemption tax on your home in Tennessee for the past three years. Your constituents here in the 6th are still trying to understand how we ended up with a Congresswomen that lives in Tennessee. There are a lot of questions I plan on asking you because we are tired of elected politicians that say whatever it takes to get elected, but then go into Congress and don’t do what they promised.

We were already disappointed about that after we worked so hard to get Karen Handel elected, but she went right in and voted for the biggest spending bill on record, the Omnibus bill. We are also very concerned about your recent vote for the Equality Act, which destroys Title IX for women’s sports and completely violates women’s rights. We are also very concerned about your recent statement at a press conference calling for a gun free society. You had claimed that you support the Second Amendment which guarantees us the right to bear arms, clearly we now know that is not true.

As a Concealed Carry permit holder and gun owner, I value my Second Amendment right, and am thankful that as a woman I can protect myself, my children, and my home against an evil person intent on doing us harm that could care less about gun laws. I hope you give further thought to how valuable our right to bear arms is and realize you should not take that guaranteed right from millions of Americans. That is not common sense.

Lucy, your voting record is a testimony and it is proving you support a Democratic Socialist agenda which would destroy small businesses like mine. Calling me a billionaire developer was a big lie, and a petty attempt to paint me as a rich bad guy in order to scare your supporters into donating to your campaign.

The truth is your voting record is dangerous to the people you are trying to get donations from because more than likely they work for or are part of a small business like mine. Small businesses like mine make up 99% of the businesses in America and are responsible for the job creation of millions of Americans. We are the backbone of this nation and we work hard everyday to contribute to this great country.

For too long career politicians have over spent our hard earned tax dollars and they have enslaved us in $22 trillion dollars of debt. If I ran my company the way Karen Handel and now you, Lucy, vote to spend American’s tax dollars, I would go out of business. We have had enough and it’s time for a change. That is why I am here. We need a fresh start in the 6th, and it is time to get things done in America.

Please reach out whenever you need details about me so that you don’t keep misleading your supporters with wrong information about me.


Marjorie Greene


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