Rob Woodall’s Path for Bipartisanship Lost in Shuffle

First things first: yes he bungled his response to the Mueller Report on MSNBC.

However, Congressman Woodall did outline a path for bipartisanship in D.C. Part of that involves politicians (and the chattering class) divorcing themselves from the voters “who have a thirst for something.”

“We’ve got to get out of that business of celebrating our failures more than we celebrate our successes,” Woodall said. “We’ve got the opportunities for that–transportation, infrastructure and the question is: ‘Will we take yes for an answer.'”

Foreign trips provide ample opportunities for cross-party comity, he added. “Because we stand there not as Republicans or Democrats but shoulder to shoulder as Americans.

“I recognize that’s a problem both parties are facing today. I can’t find where that blame began. All I know is what we can do as bipartisan partners to stop it.

“There is still a wild majority of hard working men and women on both sides of the aisle who just want to get something done.”

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11 months ago

Who is he talking to? Mitch McConnell I hope.

11 months ago

Translation: I’m about to be a lobbyist and I plan on purchase legislators on both sides

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse
11 months ago

“Russians did try to meddle, they just didn’t try to meddle with the partnership of the Trump administration. The Russians did try to meddle and we should hold every single one of those folks accountable. ” Woodall Spare us please. We all know the GOP position is that meddling is OK as long it’s not legally a conspiracy. The GOP position is that foreign government contacts with the Trump campaign weren’t worthy of investigation. Trump just yesterday invited the Russians to meddle some more. So is Woodall, a guy on the way out, spineless, or does he really believe the… Read more »

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