Greene Signs “No Tax Increase Pledge” in GA-6 Race

Marjorie Greene, Republican candidate for Congress from GA-6, has issued a press release stating that she is “the first candidate for the Sixth Congressional District election in 2020 to sign the Grover Norquist ‘No Tax Increase Pledge.'”

From the press release:

“Now more than ever we need a new congresswoman who is fully committed to stopping tax increases. It’s no longer enough to just say you will control spending and taxes. We need to cut spending, cut taxes and reduce the size of the federal government.”

Greene is the owner of Taylor Commercial, a construction business based in Alpharetta. Greene has owned Taylor Commercial since 2002. The firm has since done over a quarter of a Billion dollars in business in 11 states. 

“As a businesswoman for 17 years I know how to balance a budget, cut spending and meet a payroll,” said Greene. “Our next Congresswoman has got to understand these things if we are going to decrease the federal deficit and reduce the size of government.”

“Both Lucy McBath and Karen Handel have voted to increase the federal deficit and grow the size of government. Handel voted to significantly add hundreds of billions to the federal deficit when she voted for the Omnibus Spending Plan in 2017. I would have voted differently.”

By signing the ATR pledge, Greene commits that she will not vote to vote to increase the marginal income taxes for individuals or businesses, as well as commits to oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates.

Greene has owned Taylor Commercial, an Alpharetta-based construction firm, since 2002. She and her husband, Perry, have been married 23 years, have three children, live in Milton, and are members of Northside Church. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia. 

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Every Campaign Playbook p1. pledge to “cut spending, cut taxes and reduce the size of the federal government”


No tax increases… but probably supports the President’s tariffs on China and proposed tariffs on Mexico, which increase the cost of US consumer goods and – by extension – function as a tax increase.


Tariff Man gave a modest tax cut to most Americans but the bulk of the tax cuts went to the top 2%, however, he has erased any benefit the middle class would have seen with his endless trade wars based only on his strategy of puffery, bombast and insults to our trading partners.

Did Tariff Man sign this pledge?