Renee Unterman Makes It Official: She’s In For GA-07

There was plenty of speculation about Senator Renee Unterman (R-Buford) running for Georgia’s 7th Congressional Seat to replace current Congressman Rob Woodall. Tonight, she made it official. Senator Unterman joins seven other Republicans in a bid to succeed Congressman Woodall and hold the seat for Republicans. Interestingly enough, she’s the only current elected official who has declared for the seat and one of the few Republicans that actually lives in GA-07. Her campaign issued the following press release:

Conservative Republican Renee Unterman today announced her candidacy to represent Georgia’s 7th Congressional District. Unterman was joined by supporters in the Buford Town Square as she announced her plans to run for the seat held by retiring Rep. Rob Woodall.

“I’m running for Congress to protect American values and ensure the prosperity of the communities in Forsyth and Gwinnett counties,” said Unterman. “Throughout my time in public service, I’ve fought to improve the lives of Georgia’s most vulnerable citizens and stood up for what’s right. My record proves that I know how to get things done, I can challenge the status quo and I’m not afraid to take on the establishment.”

Unterman said that in Congress she’ll support President Trump’s agenda to Make America Great Again.

“In Congress, I will work with President Trump to ensure that we address the real kitchen table issues in our communities, while also taking on the big spenders in Washington who are saddling future generations with too much debt. As I have in the Georgia Senate, I intend to lead on improving healthcare and lowering costs through meaningful reforms. I will stand with President Trump in securing the southern border, cutting regulations that strangle job growth and rebuilding our military.

“I know this community’s commitment to family, faith and hard work,” Unterman said. “I know because I’m a lifelong member of this community, and I’ve committed my life to serving my neighbors here.”

Unterman, a lifelong resident of Gwinnett County, is currently serving her ninth term in the Georgia Senate, where she has led on initiatives to create jobs, lower taxes, end human trafficking, stop elder abuse and treat addiction. She has carried or sponsored every pro-life bill to pass the General Assembly since entering the Senate. She has also worked to reform mental health policies, strengthen healthcare delivery and improve resources for veterans of the armed forces.

With a background in healthcare, Unterman served as the mayor of Loganville, as a Gwinnett County commissioner and in the Georgia House of Representatives.

Visit to learn more about Renee and her campaign to bring her proven conservative record to Washington.

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It sure would have been nice to have seen some legislators other than Butch Miller show up to show support for Renee (who I support) after everything she has done to carry the water for her party on a significant issue that has cost her dearly. GAGOP leadership needs the votes of conservative independent women like me.

We are watching.

And we are taking note.


I’ve fought to improve the lives of Georgia’s most vulnerable citizens

Except women facing the crisis of an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy… or women hoping to have their rape kits processed.

J. Wagon
J. Wagon

I was unable to attend the lighting of the dumpster fire – does anyone have any sense of the crowd that came out? Paid Sychophant Brian Robinson trolled some of Nunterman’s shunned pro-choice constituents with a very tight photograph, but nothing else.

Anyone have a sense of the crowd? Anyone have some good pictures of the crowd? Or seen any?


Debt much? Anyone? Anyone? As Charlie pointed out awhile back, no party is the addressing the $20 Trillion National Debt.


When there is a crisis we don’t worry about the debt.
Now that we’ve solved the Muslim invasion, and the Mexican invasion, and the tax crisis for the 1% issue, and fixed the sorry state of the US military, we can step up to tackle the next crisis.
I wonder what it will be. There must be something out there we can throw another +/-$15 billion at.


War. Contrived War.