Handel Calls Out McBath for “Gun-Free Society” Remarks

Former GA-6 Representative Karen Handel issued a press release today that calls out Rep. Lucy McBath (GA-6, D) during a press conference yesterday:

The two faces of Lucy McBath were revealed when Representative Lucy McBath (D-GA) called for a “gun-free society” after repeatedly telling voters that she supports the Second Amendment. During a press conference held on June 4, 2019, in Washington, DC, McBath said: “I hope you take this charge back to your communities, and stand-up for a gun-free society.”

McBath’s campaign website says the following about the 2nd Amendment:

While I support the 2nd Amendment rights of Georgians, we can still advocate for common sense gun violence prevention to make our communities safer.

In response, former Congressman Karen Handel issued the following statement:

“Lucy McBath says one thing to voters here at home and something else to the media and her out-of-state donors. She says she supports the Second Amendment – except when she doesn’t. She lied to us about actually living in Tennessee. She said she was against outside money funding campaigns — while Michael Bloomberg and other liberal organizations were spending millions to buy the seat for her. Now, she’s lying to us again. Lying Lucy cannot be trusted. The people of the 6th district deserve a Representative that they can trust, someone who shares their values. I look forward to taking on ‘Lying Lucy’ and bringing back honest, principled leadership for the people of GA6.”

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1 year ago

Is every two-bit Republican gonna roll out the Trumpian name-calling bit? It’s dumb when he does it, it’s downright pathetic with someone without a semblance of his charisma does it.

1 year ago

Wonderful. Some big-brain consultant earned his pay today. I also like the nod to the education level of her district that she didn’t drop the tailing ‘g’. Classy. What’s next I wonder? I think going with some hair lightening would work, a lot more bouffant in front and swept back across the ears, maybe with a little gel. What’s politically interesting is Handel ignoring her primary opponents and going straight for McBath. I don’t know enough about politics in the 6th to know if that makes sense. Is anyone over there moneyed and savvy enough to come at her from… Read more »

1 year ago

Well, her mother lives in Tennessee, so it’s almost honest.

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