Former Senator, Candidate For Governor Michael Williams Pleads Guilty To Fraud.

Photo courtesy of an “unnamed friend” on Facebook

I know what you’re thinking. Michael Williams’ fraud of a gubernatorial campaign wasn’t a crime. Well, not according to the official code of Georgia anyway. Filing a false insurance claim is, however.

From the Forsyth County News, who broke the story yesterday:

Former gubernatorial candidate Michael Williams was sentenced to probation after fraudulently claiming computers were stolen from his office in Gainesville.

Williams took a plea deal under the First Offender Act last week for five years of probation in the insurance fraud case, Northeastern Judicial Circuit District Attorney Lee Darragh said.

Williams was given five years of probation each on the insurance fraud and false statements charges and 12 months of probation on the false report of a crime charge. Those sentences will run concurrently, meaning Williams serves five years probation.

This goes against the claims made during the campaign. The question of whether the motive was financial or publicity for a campaign that was rapidly circling the drain unanswered. From the same article:

In May, Williams’ campaign spokesman Seth Weathers told the Gainesville Times that about $300,000 worth of cryptocurrency servers were missing from Williams’ office on Monroe Drive in Gainesville. Williams had been using the servers for his business, LPW Investments, and running campaign operations out of a separate part of the building.

At the successful completion of the sentence, Williams will be exonerated under the first offender act. That will free him to run again as soon as 2024 or statewide in 2026 claiming this never happened. That is, unless his deportation bus is “stolen” before then.

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So when can we expect a statement from Trump? He had plenty to say about Jussie Smollett’s false reporting of a crime. Some how I’m pretty sure he won’t comment on a zombie doing the same thing.


120 hours of community service also part of his deal. I make that 15 Saturdays of labor. Picking up trash in Georgia summer heat would be a good use of Williams’ talents. Reflector vest optional.


This is justice in America, he tried to steal $300,000 from an insurance company and all he got was weekends putting out MAGA signs. I’ll bet you he can still vote as many times as he wants and buy as many guns as he needs to round up “illegals.”


It’s a special kind of hilarious that the first elected official in Georgia to endorse Donald Trump in 2016 won’t even be able to legally vote for him in 2020.