Georgia Republican Party Elects New Leadership for 2019-2021 Term

Today in the beautiful city of Savannah, dedicated Georgia Republicans locked themselves in a convention hall to deliberate who will lead the state Republican Party over the next two years.

Georgia will likely be a battleground state, so the choice of state leadership will be imperative in guiding the direction of our state’s GOP. Surprisingly, it only took one ballot to settle all of the contested offices.

Congratulations to Chairman David Shafer, First Vice Chairman Carolyn Fisher, Second Vice Chairman Brant Frost V (and his dad Brant Frost IV), Secretary Mike Welsh, Assistant Secretary BJ Van Gundy, Treasurer Joseph Brannan, and Assistant Treasurer Vicki Consiglio. The vote totals and breakdown are as follows:

  • State Chairman
    • Bruce Azevedo: 188 (13%)
    • Mary Kay Bacallo: 11 (1%)
    • Scott Johnson: 416 (28%)
    • David Shafer: 883 (59%)
  • Second Vice Chairman:
    • Rich Carithers: 182 (12%)
    • Brant Frost V/IV: 767 (51%)
    • Robert Lee: 545 (36%)
  • Treasurer:
    • Joseph Brannan: 821 (55%)
    • Nathaniel Darnell: 676 (45%)
  • Assistant Treasurer:
    • Vicki Consiglio: 835 (56%)
    • Mansell McCord: 659 (44%)

The offices for First Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Assistant Secretary were elected by acclamation as they were uncontested.

Thank you to the close to 1500 delegates who took time this weekend to consider and elect those who will lead the Georgia Republican Party, and thank you to those people who offered themselves up as a choice for the delegates and came up short. I can understand how you feel. Keep up the good fight—and go take some time off to relax.

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So the parties leaders look just like the members

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

Shafer, a Christian enamored of the Republican cult leader, is a fitting choice. A few words from the convention…. “And that’s why the left is so absolutely fixated on our President: He’s a real man.” — Jason Thompson Yeah, cheat to avoid the draft Trump saying “I’m automatically attracted to beautiful [women]. I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything—grab them by the p—. You can do anything” is the Republican ideal of a man. Just the kind of… Read more »