Lunchtime Reads For Friday 10 May

Filling in for Ginny today who has earned a day off. A few items for your reading pleasure:

An Ethics complaint has been filed against Clark County Schools Superintendent Demond Means alleging improper gifts and plagiarism.

Savannah plans to borrow $45 Million to complete financing of new civic center.

Gold Star family won’t have to borrow as they receive a new home, debt free.

Tourism is a $600 Million industry for Middle Georgia.

Bruce Willis is not boycotting, “The Long Night” filming to begin soon in Columbus.

Congressman Doug Collins introduces bill to extend care for Veterans’ newborns.

Starbucks is expanding in Augusta.h

States in the top and bottom 10 based on per-capita defense spending. Georgia doesn’t make either list.

Pier 213’s seared scallops, Marietta Georgia

And your featured restaurant of the day is Pier 213 Seafood. Located just off the square in Marietta, the locally owned restaurant features excellent food and friendly service. Start with the daily specials before cracking the menu. Seared scallops with spicy cabbage and spinach, pictured.

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The new abortion law has a provision that would punish a woman for going to another state to get an abortion. What is the legal justification for this? How would it be enforced? IANAL


What is the legal justification for this? You’ve been around enough to know that what’s legal is whatever the legislature says is legal unless and until the courts get involved, in which case their decision stands as long as it’s in accord with the views of the majority of right-thinking Georgians. How would it be enforced? Unclear. My guess is the state will use RFID chips to track potential abortion-seekers, then set up readers at exit points from the state, highways and airports and the like. The technology is available today. The implant procedure itself is simple and easy, just… Read more »

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

With that precedent under the belt, the General Assembly can enact legislation to punish those that gamble in casinos.


Or any person or company that uses their right to free speech to utter any opposition to the NRA, DJT, Putin, Kim Jong Trump etc


I don’t see that language in there. Unless there is some reciprocity agreement with other states on this, but it seems unlikely. I mean, even if you go to another state an commit murder, you are charged in that other state, not here.

It’s still a horrible law.

So it takes effect Jan. 1 , 2020. Is there going to be a spike in abortions before then? Will abortion clinics pop up at the border, like fireworks stores and casinos?

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

It didn’t only three sentences for me to stop reading—the 2nd and 3rd sentences: TONY SHAFFER: What I’d like to believe Mr. Barr is going to be doing is focusing on three primary areas. First, the basic authorities. The basic issue which I’ve heard spun over the last five days is this was all “legitimate collection.” Now that’s the key to the whole thing because the people are on other networks spinning this denied they were spying to begin with, but now that we know they were spying, it was all done “by the book.” GOP allegations equaling fact and… Read more »


So which is it: Obama knew about Russian interference and didn’t do anything about it, or he DID do something about it but he shouldn’t have?