Healthy Dose of Paranoia From Two Congressional Hopefuls

Did you know Washington D.C. is currently “run away”, “overreaching”, and practices “domestic socialism”? (Your guess is as good as mine on that last one.) Or that a lone congressman will “hold Trump, the Russians, and Democrats that support Trump accountable.”

So sayeth Harrison Floyd and Michael Owens. The former is a Republican for the 7th Congressional District and the latter is a Democrat running for the 13th Congressional District.

Wait–a Republican thinks a Republican-dominated D.C. is “domestically(?) socialist” and a Democrat thinks Democrats are supporting Trump? With friends like these…

Maybe Mr. Floyd just has a poor communications director. That would offer better insight to his philosophies than his announcement:

“I am ready to protect the 7th District of Georgia from a run-away government and its overreach. Our country has fought against Nazi fascism, Soviet communism, and radical terrorism. The battle of this decade will be remembered as a fight against domestic socialism. I am ready to fight back against identity politics, entitlement, and elitism.

“Socialism fails every time, while hard work and freedom succeed…What I see in the country today is not why my family serves, or what my brothers in arms and I sacrificed for on the battlefield. Now, my mission is to serve the constituents of the 7th District and show that Georgia, and our values of hard work, freedom, and opportunity, are not up for sale to any far-left liberal group.”

As for Mr. Owens, I don’t know what to say.

“Our nation faces threats internally and externally…

“Congressman David Scott is not a bad person. But, unfortunately for the people who live in the district he has been in DC with Republican extremists too long and has left us without real representation, while supporting policies and bills that undermine our communities. It’s time for new blood, new ideas, new skills, and real results for the people we serve. As a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, I know what it means to fight for what is right. I’m ready to serve.”

Good luck, gentlemen.

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Being a vet is a plus for a candidate but no bar to coming across as a dingbat.


“I’m fighting ‘identity politics’ with a bunch of non-defined scare words”.
“…our values of hard work, freedom, and opportunity, are not up for sale to any far-left liberal group, but to the largest campaign donors.”
There, Fixed it.