Chris Erwin Wins! Again!

What is poetry? Is it forcing the state to conduct two extra elections, claiming less than a combined 100 votes were questionable and then spending who knows how much money on a legal fight for a third election leading to a three-thousand vote landslide defeat?

Wordsworth might agree and what about now-former-Rep. Dan Gasaway? He’s probably wondering how his plans could have possibly lead to such a stunning rebuke from the HD-28 voters. Seventy-five percent of them voted (again) for Chris Erwin last night.

It’s kind of sad for Erwin that he’s had to win three elections and had his hard work overshadowed by Gasaway’s clowncar (costing HD-28 representation in the legislative session) but at least Erwin can move on.

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1 year ago

A real ordeal for district 28 voters, and an expensive one too. The costs of extra elections, not having a rep, and I believe there were legal costs as well.

Isn’t Gasaway a perfect pol name?

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse
1 year ago

They say three’s a charm. What was the cause of the big swing? My understanding was their were relatively few voters placed in incorrect precincts and that the earlier two elections were rather close.

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