Morning Reads for Monday, April 8, 2019

I don’t know about y’all, but this first Monday after session already feels amazing. It’s Masters Week. There is homemade pimento cheese in my fridge. Texas Tech is in the National Championship tonight. I’m sitting on MY couch, watching the news on MY tv, and drinking coffee.

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@Theresa: The so-called gender gap – as it afflicts the GOP – is actually a racial gap. As was much-discussed and lamented about by progressives, liberals and Democrats, in 2016 white females voted for Trump by 53-47. This was down – but only slightly – from the percentages that voted for Romney (56%) and Bush (55%). So the source of the “gender gap” is that nonwhite women support Democratic candidates overwhelmingly, with 98% of the vote in some cohorts. This fact is obscured because the white females that are represented by the mainstream media – either as journalists, oped writers… Read more »


I want to disagree with this so bad… but I can’t.

I will say, though, that Trump has some historically bad approval ratings. One could be excused for thinking that, like other R presidents before him, if a crisis doesn’t occur naturally, he will manufacture one.


Would be a shame to not mention Hammerin’ Hank Aaron’s 715th career home run that happened 45 years ago today.


Suddenly, I feel old!