Morning Reads for Sine Die 2019!

Good morning! This may well be the longest day of the year for #gapol watchers. It’s sure to be a doozy!

Happy Sine Die – and consider the comments on this post your Sine Die OPEN THREAD.

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I hate to be that guy, but a recent quote from David Ralston regarding the passage of the “heartbeat bill” sticks in my craw (I read it again this morning and it reignited my frustration). Ralston stated, referring the the passed legislation, “is anyone shocked that Georgia is a conservative state?” And this rhetorical question from Ralston carried an air of arrogance, like “Duh, idiot. We’re gonna outlaw abortion in a state like this.” This is a problem, because Georgia is no longer the conservative state that it once was. First and foremost, go to Clarkston, Athens, Decatur, ITP ATL… Read more »


This a tough issue for most people. I believe life begins at conception, it may not yet manifest as human life, but it is life. However, the question is rather or not I can impose my worldview on everyone else. Some people say yes as long as its MY worldview and no one else’s. I think criminalizing abortion is wrong but I don’t know what the right balance should be. Take a look at this poll and you’ll see why this bill might cost the Republican party the majority in the house. The reason they’re doing this now is because… Read more »


Glad to know there’s still a few honest democrats out there. So if she claimed TN homestead at the same time would that be considered fraud?


If this is a legitimate gripe, take it up with the Secretary of State’s office or file a lawsuit. Until then, this looks like nothing more than talentless hack Karen Handel running and crying to Tucker Carlson’s blog because she can’t find any actual policy to run on.