Morning Reads for Tuesday, February 26

Good morning! Onward and upward, am I right?

  • I can gladly go on with my life never having to again hear about world leaders stroking each other.
  • UGA is selling the school’s Costa Rica campus.
  • Go Jackets! Sting ‘em! In the Merc!
  • No need to wait for if you missed it the last go-round: Hamilton is back in ATL.
  • If Disney decides it is so inclined, they can totally build themselves a nuclear power plant.
  • What do dollar stores really mean for a rural community?
  • How to win a wrestling match with a mountain lion.
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Mr. Bear
Mr. Bear
1 year ago

Upon sufficient reflection, it occurs to me that Donald J. Trump and Kim Jong-un have a lot in common. They’re both accustomed to absolute fealty, although the ways that they deal with disloyalty are different. They’re both accustomed to being the center of attention. They both seem prone toward temper tantrums. And, for the both of them, “truth” seems to be a relative term.

Just a thought.

1 year ago

dallas cowboys owner jerry jones has an uncomfortable tendency to use “stroke” when describing players…like the time he said qb brandon wheedon has a big beautiful stroke when discussing how well he could throw a football…

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