Morning Reads – Thursday, February 21, 2019

Happy Thursday! Today is day 63 of Winter and we only have 27 more days until Spring! With that said…some news:


Jimmy Carter

Sweet Tea

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Will Durant
Will Durant

I am shocked, shocked I tell you that the PSC has granted the delay in reporting further delays at Plant Vogtle. Essentially they are complicit with Georgia Power in stretching this project beyond the unreasonable bounds already afforded them. The ratepayers are already committed to this boondoggle as the pig is to the barbecue. The least they could do is desist in greasing the skids and then spraying them with silicone for Georgia Power. Anyone who continues to vote for this bunch is a chump.


So the corrupt speaker falls back on the Nixon defense. “I am not a crook.” And, he’s solicited other crooks to say so….–regional-govt–politics/republican-seeks-oust-ralston-after-ajc-channel-investigation/D1NTrSsAwtwQUZ6PzCxgWK/

Another common defense is that if I was a crook, it’s legal to be corrupt.

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

Is it the same daughter that skimmed 10% of campaign contributions to Deal without any real campaign fund raising experience, or is Deal spreading the nepotism around?

Yet another Shady Deal, but hey, until it’s proven illegal it’s ethical. Ask any Republican.

But the state pols will run the ATL airport differently, am I right?


I’m not going to be an apologist or enabler or condone the actions here, but I am intellectually curious about the way we approach and view ethics. So, as a thought experiment, I’d propose the following scenario: You are the governor of Georgia. Your daughter, who you love to death, has been getting a bad run of luck, and all her talents, that you know she has, are not being appreciated by a number of employers, maybe in part because of how a number of employers feel about you and your politics. Things are presently financially rough for her and… Read more »