Two Additional Statements from GA Delegation on State of the Union Address, Including a Democrat

Sandford Bishop (D, GA-2): 

“The President spoke of bipartisanship, and I hope this sentiment is sincere. However, he must abandon his divisive rhetoric, and put action behind his words. In the next week, we must avoid another disastrous shutdown and keep the government open. I urge the President to support the efforts of the bipartisan, bicameral conference committee as it negotiates an agreement to fund our government. The American people cannot afford to have their government let them down again.”

Jody Hice (R, GA-10):

“The President’s message was clear: By ‘Choosing Greatness,’ we can expand prosperity for all and ‘unlock the extraordinary promise’ of America. I commend President Trump for reaffirming his commitment to securing our border, protecting our families, and building an even stronger economy to lift all of our citizens up while bolstering our Nation as a whole.

With weekly jobless claims at their lowest levels since 1969 and wages on the rise, opportunities are expanding for every American, and I share the optimism expressed by the President. It’s my hope that throughout the coming year, we can come together to enact real solutions to the problems facing our country and focus on ensuring a stronger and more prosperous future. When America is strong, unified, and proud, we can accomplish anything.”

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