Sen. Perdue States that “Optimism Is Back In America”

United States Senator David Perdue (R) appeared on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle to highlight President Donald Trump’s message during last night’s State of the Union.

Some highlights from interview, as per a Perdue press release:

Build On The Success: “The President landed his speech – one of the most historic speeches I can remember. He laid out a vision for America that builds on the successes of his presidency so far and the results he’s achieving right now.”

Economy Is Rocking: “The Democrat response builds on a false narrative that’s not based on any reality of fact. This is the greatest economic turnaround in our history. We have the highest median income in U.S. history, the lowest African-American unemployment in history, and lowest total unemployment in 50 years. The economy is rocking because of President Trump’s policies.”

Optimism Is Back: “Having spent a lot of time around the country over the last few months and certainly in my home state, I can tell you the economy is moving, people are getting jobs, and incomes are rising. Optimism in America is back after a decade of the lowest economic performance in history”

Historic Opportunity: “The ball is in Nancy Pelosi’s hands right now, and frankly, we need to see a proposal from the Democrats. For 35 days during the partial shutdown, we did not get one single proposal on border security from the Speaker of the House. The President put forward several proposals. This three-week cooling off period gives us an opportunity to work out a result to border security, and I’m hopeful they will do that. Nancy Pelosi has an historic opportunity right now to be a partner with President Trump.”

Achieving Results: “America saw a President who is hitting his stride and is buoyant on the results that his agenda is achieving. It’s disgusting to see Americans sit on their hands when you talk about the lowest African-American unemployment in U.S. history. It’s the hypocrisy of politics you see the Democrats perpetrating right now.”

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People are apprehensive about the rockin’ economy because it will never pay back the debt we are incurring. He really needs to go. To the extent that Trump appeared to welcome bipartisanship, Perdue is way off the script. What has gotten into him? He’s just a troll now. Also: His comment on funding border security is Sarah Palin-worthy. Border security was always funded anyway. And Dems did offer more funding to bring back the furloughed administrative workers: “Sens. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) and Ben Cardin (D-Md.), surrounded by roughly two dozen of their Senate Democratic colleagues, tried to get consent… Read more »


Perdue has revealed his 2020 election strategy and tethered himself to all things Trump. He cannot move back to a more Georgia-centered strategy. This will be his undoing if Trump continues to shrink his base down to “true-believers” and people who scream “Lock her up!” or “…and Mexico’s gonna pay for the wall” at rallies. Trump continues to double down on his 2016 election strategy of going with his “gut”. This worked the first time but he forgot that he lost the popular vote and has become even more unpopular I can’t see a path for Trump to win and… Read more »


The economy has been in 8 years of growth. A lot of the funding and corporate tax cuts were offered prior to Jan 1 of 2017, But the GOP was all about cutting costs and lower the deficit. The WHOLE Tea Party movement was because “Democrats” were sending too much money and not paying off the debt. Now the GOP lowers revenue, increases spending, gives the economy a small shot in the arm and say every thing is all better now?


Alice lives in wonderland. She has been joined by Donald Trump and the entire Republican party