GA Delegation Reacts to State of the Union

Sen. David Perdue (R):

“Tonight, President Trump laid out a very powerful vision for our country that continues to build on the successes of the last two years. Many Americans are seeing increased paychecks, more opportunities, and brighter futures for their families. The economy is growing at twice the rate it did under President Obama, and more than 5.3 million new jobs have been created. Total unemployment is the lowest in 50 years, while African American, Hispanic, and Asian American unemployment is the lowest ever.

“While much work has been accomplished, we still need bipartisan solutions to address the rising costs of health care, fix our broken immigration system, rebuild and modernize our infrastructure, and negotiate fair trade deals with our partners around the world.

“While we heard a positive message from President Trump, Democrats sat on their hands. There is a stark contrast between the positive results we’ve seen under President Trump and Democrats’ radical policies that have been proven to fail.”

Sen. Johnny Isakson (R):

“Tonight, the president highlighted a number of serious challenges facing our country and reminded us of our nation’s powerful history. It is now time for President Trump and leaders of both parties in Congress to come together and make progress on the issues Americans care about, starting with securing our border and ensuring that we never have another government shutdown like the one that recently ended.

“We’ve seen record economic growth over the last two years, and in Georgia alone, more than 100,000 jobs have been created since we passed a sweeping overhaul of our tax code. I urge the president to work closely with Congress to ensure that our trade policies truly put American workers and consumers first and to avoid overly broad tariffs that could threaten this progress. Our trade policies should address the serious issues that undermine the free-market economy that has made the United States and many parts of the world more prosperous. I also commend the president for his focus on the importance of making health care costs more affordable and transparent.

“Under President Trump’s leadership, we have boosted our military’s strength numbers and our service members are receiving record pay. We’ve made great strides in the fight against terror. As long as al Qaeda and ISIS continue to pose a threat to the United States, we must continue to do all we can to contain and eliminate them.

“We have enacted major, bipartisan reforms over the last two years to improve U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs health care, services and benefits for our veterans. I will continue working with the Trump administration and my fellow Congressional leaders to make sure we are providing the best possible care and support to our nation’s veterans.

“The president talked tonight about rebuilding our nation by passing an infrastructure package. I support this goal and am committed to ensuring the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project remains a national priority, because America’s jobs and economy depend upon its success as well.

“We’ve seen broad, bipartisan success over the last two years, and it is my hope that Congress and the administration will continue to work together and build on these accomplishments on behalf of the American people.”

Rep. Buddy Carter (GA-1, R):

“President Trump gave a strong speech tonight. He spoke about how common sense, pro-growth policies are working to create opportunities for each and every American. Together, Congress and President Trump have worked to deliver important results over the last year. Our economy is booming, wages are up and unemployment is down. We also approved critical resources to combat the opioid crisis and important measures to address the rising costs of prescription medications.

“I’m proud that the president continues to fight for the American people. The number one responsibility of the federal government is to protect American citizens at home and abroad. Whether it be threats to our national security, unfair trade deals or crime, I stand by the president’s policies to protect our country and our people.

“Tonight, the president called for the bipartisanship that Americans deserve from Washington and laid out an achievable vision for the future of our great nation.

“I, too, call on Speaker Pelosi and my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to focus on the issues in front of us, not the political partisanship that was so evident during the government shutdown. I truly believe we can find real solutions to secure the border, address the rising costs of health care and prescription drugs, protect American workers, improve American infrastructure, and ensure a safer America by working together with President Trump.

“With President Trump’s theme tonight of ‘Choosing Greatness,’ we should all be reminded that America is truly the greatest country on earth. Our best days are still ahead of us.”

Rep Rob Woodall (GA-7, R):

“It’s always a great event when the President comes to address Congress and the American people.

Today, the political stalemate that has long plagued Washington needs to come to an end. It’s a time that everyone needs to come to the negotiating table, because I know if we work together, Congress and the President can solve so many of our nation’s problems, we can build new relationships, and we can deliver results for our constituents.

I want to applaud the President’s efforts tonight to stop illegal immigration, to combat human trafficking, and stop the flow of drugs and crime into our country. No mother should have to bury her son because of an opioid overdose and no father should have to frantically search for his kidnapped daughter. These crises need to end.

The President spoke about protecting American workers and preserving the American Dream. Here in the Seventh District, the American Dream is kept alive by residents of Forsyth and Gwinnett counties every day. I believe that you should be in control of your hard-earned money – not Washington lawmakers. This country was built on the idea that if you work hard and treat others with respect, you will be successful. Washington needs to those support polices that bolster our nation’s entrepreneurial spirit instead of simply raising taxes at every opportunity.

Congress can find a way to lower healthcare and prescription drug costs, and if Democrats and Republicans sit down together, and work together in a bipartisan manner, we can find common sense solutions to help those who need it most.

President Trump has restored America’s leadership around the world. He has cast a vision for security and for peace, and I heard the President reaffirm tonight his commitment to protect American interests abroad and protect our most vulnerable here at home.

Tonight, the President laid out his vision. It is now incumbent upon Congress to enact that agenda that works for all Americans. We need to sit down and work together and find that common ground, and tonight I invite my colleagues on both sides of the aisle: come to the table and let’s get to work.

Rep. Doug Collins (GA-9, R):

“Tonight, the president delivered a message that should resonate with every American: We can build a confident and more prosperous future by embracing unity over division. In the last two years, America has reclaimed the opportunity for each household to succeed on its own terms, and our country is better off for it. The president’s economic policy has empowered workers by removing hurdles that have long curbed productivity and innovation.

“Renewing America’s commitment to greatness depends on the kind of collaboration we’ve seen throughout this presidency. Last Congress, Republicans and Democrats worked hand in hand to turn the First Step Act into a reality, one that has restored hope to families and communities across the nation. Redemption is woven into our American identity, and I hope this is one of many bipartisanship accomplishments that will rebuild communities by changing lives.

“From lowering the cost of prescription drugs to expanding access to broadband, the horizon is filled with opportunity to partner with our friends across the aisle.

“As the President reiterated tonight, the clearest, most urgent opportunity for compromise lies at our southern border. Misguided immigration policies have led to a humanitarian crisis we can no longer afford to ignore. Americans agree we must fix our broken immigration system to ensure a brighter future for this country and our global neighbors. There’s no better time—and there’s no more critical time to come together to strengthen our national security at home and abroad.

“Tonight, we can look to the last two years for confidence and turn our gaze to the future with hope. I look forward to continue working with President Trump and all Americans to strengthen that future together.”

Rep. Rick Allen (GA-12, R):

“Over the last year, Congress worked hand-in-hand with President Donald Trump to sign historic pieces of legislation into law that have unleashed the economic potential of America and helped secure our nation, from rolling back Dodd-Frank to combatting the opioid crisis to providing certainty to rural America in a 5-year Farm Bill. On the heels of yet another jobs report exceeding market expectations, we are continuing to see the incredible results of the deregulation efforts and pro-growth policies implemented under a Republican-led majority.

“In tonight’s address, President Trump made it abundantly clear that we still have work that needs to be done. We must continue our fight to safeguard America’s national security interests, halt the influx of illegal immigration, drugs, and crime that pour into our country, and lower the skyrocketing costs of healthcare and prescription drugs due to the failures of Obamacare – and he’s asked both parties to join with him to accomplish these goals. In calling for unity and compromise, he outlined compelling solutions that we can all rally behind, and I stand ready to work with President Trump and his Administration to enact his proactive agenda and continue choosing greatness for America.”

Rep. Tom Graves (GA-14, R)via Facebook:

“Tonight President Donald J. Trump addressed one of the most pressing issues facing our country: the humanitarian and security crisis at our Southern border. The president again made a strong case for ending this crisis based on facts, evidence and expert advice.

As a member of the bipartisan Conference Committee on border security, I’m urging Democrats to begin negotiating in good faith. With Speaker Pelosi refusing to comprise, the negotiations can’t succeed.

But if Democrats are simply willing to put partisanship aside and begin negotiating based on facts and evidence and listen to the experts, I believe there is still time to find a solution before the February 15 deadline. I urge them to help us use this opportunity to secure our nation.”

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Jack Fitz
Jack Fitz

Just reading the two Senators responses shows the stark contrasts between Isakson and Perdue. While they said some of the same things, Isakson (and his team) do such a better job of laying out his ideas and extending an olive branch to other members of Congress to get things done that he sees as important. He didn’t mention “Obama” or “Democrats” once, but you know where he stands. Perdue on the other hand, spews untrue or cherry-picked statements ” The economy is growing at twice the rate it did under President Obama” and then says he’s looking for bipartisan solutions.… Read more »

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

Trump spent at least 10 minutes on the wall but couldn’t squeeze in a two syllable DACA during a 1.5 hours speech. He’s confused compromise with capitulation.

I’m guessing Trump failed to check in with Stephen Miller and Ann Coulter before advocating for more legal immigration than ever. On the other hand, the unspoken detail may be that it will be restricted to northern Europe.


Yep. Perdue forgets he’s a senator for the entire state of Georgia, not for Republicans nationally. Isakson gets it.


So, is “The Georgia Delegation” just the Republican federal officeholders? Honest question.

alpha male
alpha male

Well considering that by almost ALL accounts Trump knocked it out of the park, combined with the fact that Stacy Abrams, once again, embarrassed herself, I imagine few of the Georgia dems wanted to go on record.


I would like to see more responses from Dems- or statements of support for Abrams’ response-, but surely any reasons for staying mum have nothing to do with suppressed love for Trump. For instance, I think John Lewis and Hank Johnson didn’t go to the speech, so their absence and silence are their own prebuttal and response. Could be a different strategy at play, maybe even just letting Ms. Abrams be the singular voice.


If he knocks it out of the park on the prison baseball team does he have to pay for the ball?


We can build a confident and more prosperous future by embracing unity over division — Doug Collins

Where was that attitude when Barack Obama was in the White House?