Georgia General Assembly, Live!

So, you want to keep up with the General Assembly, but you don’t want to drive to Atlanta, fight parking, and/or you have an aversion to metal detectors? The General Assembly has your back.

Legislators convene this morning at 10am. They’ll do a bit of pageantry, swear in new members, officially elect leaders and rules, and then (likely) quickly adjourn for the day in order to swear in Governor Kemp.

If you want to watch today or any day of the legislature, you can watch their livestreams from the comfort of…wherever you have wifi.

The Senate chamber’s livestream is here.

The House chamber’s livestream is here.

Much of the work is done for each chamber in committee. Both chambers now also livestream official committee meetings. When one interests you, you can find it at the House or Senate websites. Start here to look.

The point is this: Much of what “some people” (glares at comments section) complain about being done in secret is actually done in wide open public. Watch, listen, learn, and then contact your legislator with the appropriate feedback.

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Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

It’s a shame that much of the Representation listens only to their constituents and those with the money to pay to be heard.