Morning Reads for January 31, 2018 {New Years Eve Edition}

2018. What a year! Some of it was great. Some of it wasn’t. It felt defined by campaign commercials and mailers and a whole lot of chicken dinners. It was a year of parades, bus tours, phone banking, sign waving, and meet and greets.

For our family, in addition to a whole lotta miles on the campaign trail, it was a year that brought us a new niece and three new nephews, it was a year of profound loss, and it was a year of high adventure that broadened our horizons. I thought renovating our house and living in dust and dirt for weeks on end challenged our marriage. HA. If you want to know if your marriage will last for the ages, try volunteering your entire life-past, present, and future- for public consumption via a campaign. We are in it to win it, folks.

The year also brought about headlines that were bizarre, hilarious, and caused eye-rolls for days. Here are some highlights for your last Morning Reads of 2018:

And, if you are throwing a fun soiree at home this evening and need to stream the ball drop (or planning on snuggling up on the couch BECAUSE NO SHAME) here is some easy access for your viewing pleasure.

From all of us at GeorgiaPol, Happy New Year!


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