Watch Isakson Hail President HW Bush: “Caring…Great, Gracious and Wonderful”

If you missed (or couldn’t get enough of) the very touching funeral for President George HW Bush, Senator Isakson eulogized the POTUS on the floor of the Senate today.

The two met during Isakson’s run for governor on board Air Force One.

“[Bush] said, ‘Why don’t you fly down to St. Augustine and meet me there, bring your family with you on the airplane? Let’s have some fun and get you elected governor of Georgia.’

“We had a ball. That was not hard. Winning the governorship was more difficult, but a lot easier to try when the president of the United States came out to put his name on the line for me.

“I really didn’t understand how he could risk for his career doing that, until I realized nobody cared who I was anyway. But he cared who I was because I was a potential governor, someone that was liked and admired and somebody he wanted to help and work for…

“But I can still smell the room and recognize the lights that were on the banners we had and the speech he made that night, because he was an overpoweringly impressive guy.

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And the canonization of HW Bush continues. Anybody interested in facts and preserving history so we don’t repeat our mistakes should listen to his extremely well done piece –


Everbody look at Gene! Hey, Gene!! Hey, Gene, over here! We see you, Gene! Somebody pat Gene on the head!! After about 14 or 15 thumbs down on your last rancid post, you’d think you’d just be quiet.


In a day of grace, I get to vote you up! Who knew?


I’m reposting this from the morning reads, With the addition that you have no sense of what a period of mourning means. I hope your family does at the time of your passing. Funerals are always sad and inspiring. They tell us a lot about the personal history and the character, and the good in the ones being remembered. It tells us what they value and what they did or did not do. They create unintentional lens for looking at what and why this person lived the way they did – which naturally leads to comparing to our own actions… Read more »


Ed? is that you Ed?