Oprah to Stacey: You Get a Campaign Visit!

According to the Washington Post, Oprah Winfrey is coming to campaign in Georgia for Stacey Abrams. If you’re in the Marietta or Decatur area tomorrow, you may have a shot of seeing Lady O. The pair of events will be conversations “on the critical value of women in leadership and what is at stake for our communities in the election,” according to Abrams’ campaign website, which coincidentally, is also where folks can obtain the free tickets to the events.

As The Jolt points out, these two locations – Cobb and DeKalb Counties – have large numbers of the demographics Abrams is counting on to turnout for her, suburban women and African Americans. The most recent poll (conducted by Opinion Saavy for FOX 5) shows the race in a statistical dead heat, which is in line with other recent polling. As of two days ago, early voting numbers had surpassed 1 million, indicating the turnout is going to be much higher this year than in most statewide election years. It’s no wonder, then, that we’re seeing President Trump and Vice President Pence come in the final days to stump for Brian Kemp, while former President Obama campaigns this weekend for Abrams.

Oprah is a bit of a surprise, however, because she rarely stumps for candidates. In fact, the last time she campaigned for anyone, it was for then-Senator Obama. Can her magic put Abrams over the top? Depends on whether her visit encourages the attendees (and her fans) to the polls.


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