Rep. Brockway: New Attack Ads Make Abrams and Democrats Look Desperate

The following is a guest post from Georgia Rep. Buzz Brockway (R, District 102), who was also a former candidate for Secretary of State:

New Attack Ads Make Abrams and Democrats Look Desperate

With less than two months until Georgians pick their next governor, radical Democrat Stacey Abrams and the Democratic Party are getting desperate.

Behind in the polls, they’ve launched yet another baseless attack ad, recycling failed material from the GOP primary.

Instead of sharing her plans for safer, stronger Georgia, Abrams and the Democrats launched a series of offensive, baseless, and downright dirty attack ads against businessman Brian Kemp.

They know better. Abrams and the Democratic Party are knowingly misrepresenting the facts for political gain. There’s not an ounce of truth in their accusations. Millions are being spent to spread these falsehoods and hide her radical, extreme agenda.

The ads falsely accuses Kemp of ignoring sexual assault complaints and taking donations from the owner of an embattled Massage Envy franchise. The facts again tell a different story:

  • The Secretary of State’s office serves an Administrative role for Licensing Boards.
  • The Massage Therapy Board is authorized by law and has sole/full discretion on the licensing process, including revoking, reinstatement and disciplinary action.
  • If the board determines that an individual is subject to disciplinary action, the Attorney General’s office will impose the penalties/punishments that the Board decides.
  • AJC: “Though his office has administrative oversight of the massage board, only members appointed by Gov. Nathan Deal have authority to suspend or revoke licenses and conduct investigations.”
  • Gainesville Times: “The massage board licenses and regulates massage therapists in Georgia.”
  • Dr. Patrick Greco, who is referenced in the advertisement, did not own any Massage Envy locations at the time of his $1,000 donation to the Kemp for Governor campaign.
  • Stacey Abrams and her out-of-state liberal donors don’t care about the accuracy of these ads. They want to distract Georgia voters from the truth because Abrams can’t defend her own record.

Brian Kemp is a husband, father, and businessman who led on courthouse security and cracked down on unlicensed massage parlors in Georgia. He has a plan to crush street gangs, end sex trafficking, grow our economy, and keep our families safe from violence. Kemp will put our safety ahead of politics.

When you flip on the television, don’t believe the disgusting lies paid for by left-wing radicals in California. Choose honest, proven leadership. Join me in voting Brian Kemp for Governor.


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