State Of Emergency For Georgia Issued Ahead Of Florence

If you have been watching the weebly-wobbly track of Hurricane Florence, then you can see how difficult it is to project where it’s going to make landfall. Estimates earlier in the week placed Florence making landfall somewhere on the North Carolina coast. That estimate has now drifted further south with a potential impact on Georgia this weekend.

The forecast continues to change, and we may not get any rain from this, but Governor Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency as a precaution. We see stories of people making a run on supplies in the Carolinas, but we ourselves should take the proper steps to ensure that we are ready in the event of impacts from Hurricane Florence. That would include preparing now to ensure that you have clean drinking water and food that can be consumed in the event of a power outage. Make sure you have fresh batteries (and extras!) for a portable radio and a flashlight.

Those are only a few basic items to get you started. You can get a more detailed and inclusive list from FEMA over at

Be prepared, and be safe this weekend.


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