Johnny Isakson On John McCain And…Life, Really

By now you’ve likely seen the out take of Johnny Isakson saying anyone talking bad about John McCain deserves a “whippin”.

Here’s the full ten minutes of Isakson’s remarks. I beg of you to take time when you can to watch this in in full. It’s about so much more than John McCain.

If you only have five minutes, watch the first half. It’s not so much about Senator McCain as it is about every draft eligible male from the 60’s and early 70’s, whether they served (as Isakson did in the Guard – where he admits it was to be able to get married and start his life at home) or those that did not.

There’s real talk, about friends that did not come back, and those that did like McCain that did after years of captivity with permanent wounds.

Take all that in. ….then stay around for the remarks about effective cussin’.

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