Hello? Georgia State Patrol? Idaho Is Passing You On The Right

A brief refresher.  In 2014, Georgia’s legislature passed and Governor Deal signed a “move over, slowpoke” law.  It was designed and written specifically to make slower traffic move right, regardless of speed.  That’s right.  If you’re “going the speed limit”, you can (AND SHOULD) be ticketed if you don’t yield to faster traffic in the lane behind you.  “Should”.

The law isn’t enforced.  Anyone that takes a weekend/holiday trip on Georgia’s overcrowded interstates can vouch for this.  Drivers are inexplicably programmed to get on the freeway, immediately move to the left-most lane, and cruise at the speed of the driver in front of them.  I once passed 32 cars on the right in a row, but that required luck.  There weren’t a half mile of semi-trucks clogging the right lanes, allowing me to do this.

All that is to say that Idaho now has a similar law.  It only applies to cars moving at the speed limit or lower (WEAK!).  And yet…they’re enforcing it.

Memo to Brian Kemp:  If you want to win 157 counties again in the general election, campaign on nothing more than a commitment to open up the left lanes on Georgias freeways.  This is an issue that transcends partisan politics.  If mutual hatred for the morons that clog up the left lane won’t unite the citizens of this state, nothing will.

Labor Day weekend is coming.  Lots of Georgians will have an up close and personal example of this phenomenon going into early voting to think about.  Let’s get this done.  Put some teeth and enforcement behind this four year old law.


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