Rep. Ferguson Introduces Act to Build Southern Wall

From a press release from Rep. Drew Ferguson’s (R, GA-3) office:

Congressman Drew Ferguson today introduced the American Border Act authorizing the construction of a wall along our southern border.

“Countries have borders. Human and drug traffickers as well as illegal immigrants are undeterred by theoretical lines and polite ‘do not enter.’ Americans will never trust an immigration plan until our borders are secure. That has to come first for reform to become a reality so I say we take the first step and build the wall.

American citizens—including legal immigrants—want and deserve a yea or nay vote on this; they deserve to know their representatives position so they can replace them if they stand cowering in a corner. This is necessary, it’s good policy and it’s the right thing to do to keep drugs and gangs from victimizing our citizens and illegal immigrants from taking advantage of our kindness and charity.”

The American Border Act would:

  • Authorize construction of a border wall system.
  • Advance technology to enhance border security.
  • Secure Ports of Entry.
  • Put more Customs and Border Patrol boots on the ground.
  • Authorize use of the National Guard along the southern border to help construct physical barriers and provide aviation and intelligence support.
  • Prohibit federal agencies from impeding Border Patrol access and activities to prevent unlawful entries.
  • Strengthen penalties for those aiding and assisting illegal immigration.
  • Provide advanced appropriations for the wall construction, deployment of technology and the completion of the entry/exit systems.

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