State Representative Allen Peake Weighs In On Governors Race

State Representative Allen Peake weighed in on the governor’s race on a Facebook post last night. Here is the text from that post:

My thoughts on the Republican governors race……

Politics can be a nasty, bloody, cruel sport. And elections for Governor usually experience the worst of it all. Accusations and attacks are flying left and right, and it is sickening to watch quite frankly. It is part of the politics game that I hated during my 12 years.

As I’ve tried to determine who to pick in the Republican primary between Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp, my decision has been based around two key factors – who has the best chance to beat a very liberal Democrat in the fall, and who is personally committed to solving the access issue for medical cannabis oil in their first year in office.

I’ve reached out to the Brian Kemp campaign numerous times, and I’ve kept getting the same answer regarding medical cannabis – no support for in-state cultivation, but they’re willing to learn and have discussions. As for Casey Cagle, the battles we’ve had with the Senate on this issue over the last four years are very public.

But what I have seen in Casey over the last year is a willingness to meet with the families and learn why this issue is so important to so many hurting Georgia citizens. And I have personally seen him evolve on this issue, as he’s gotten to know and meet many families.

And this past week, I’ve witnessed him appoint members to the Commission on Medical Cannabis Access (which is specifically created to solve the access issue) that have convinced me that he is serious about dealing with this issue. Adding Senators Matt Brass, Butch Miller and Ben Watson as well as parent advocate Dale Jackson is a game-changing, positive step in the right direction.

And with the strong appointments made by Speaker David Ralston (

including Representative Micah Gravley as co-chairman, and parent advocate Shannon Cloud, along with Reps David Clark and Alan Powell, this commission WILL make a recommendation that will solve the access issue. And if it is supported by the new Governor and legislature, we could have product to families by the end of 2019.

So, because I believe he’s the best candidate to win the general election, and because I sincerely believe he is committed to solving the medical cannabis access issue early in his first year in office, I am endorsing and supporting Casey Cagle for governor.

Many may be shocked, surprised, and maybe even disappointed in my endorsement. But Casey has gone on record publicly and told me personally that he will take the recommendation from the commission and fully support it next January. I believe him, and I’m putting my trust in him that he will remain faithful to his word.

In terms of moving the needle, this could have a bigger impact to woo voters to Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle’s campaign than even the presumptive endorsement from Governor Nathan Deal.

The runoff election is a week from Tuesday.


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