New Cagle Ad: InKEMPetence

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle has released a new TV ad that goes after Sec. of State Brian Kemp’s personal finances and business life. An email from the Cagle campaign shares an article from the Progressive Farmer and another from the AJC that they say shows that Kemp’s “private business left honest farmers high and dry.”

Scott Binkley, campaign manager for Casey Cagle for Governor:

“Brian Kemp can’t run on his record during his two decades as a politician and he can’t run on his record in business, so he’s built a campaign on gimmicks. He can get away with recklessly destroying his daughters’ dating prospects, but we can’t let him get away with hiding his career of incompetence from Georgia voters. We’re going to set the record straight on InKempetence.

Casey Cagle’s record of conservative leadership and accomplishments stands in stark contrast to the failures of Brian Kemp. The choice for Georgia Republicans is clear.”

Jim Galloway at the AJC has posted a response from Ryan Mahoney, Kemp’s campaign spokesman.



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