Morning Reads for May 30, 2018

No lead is safe when playing the Braves. It’s almost as if we have to tell our opponents: hol’ up…. we dem boys. (Or kois).

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Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

The art of the deal:

Ivanka Trump being awarded a bunch a Chinese trademarks in addition to Dad being the recipient of Chinese investment in the construction of a Trump golf course and hotel in Indonesia. Trump had only to decide to stave off the bankruptcy of Chinese telephone manufacturer ZTE for its dealings with Iran and North Korea, and ZTE lying about it, in violation of US sanctions imposed to punish them for nuclear weapon development.

There’s every reason to think Trump will close himself a good deal with respect to North Korean nukes given experience to date. MAGA.

Jack Fitz
Jack Fitz

Q1 Real GDP revised down to 2.2%. Wages remain flat and frankly corporate managers have no incentive to increase wages. When executive compensation is primarily driven by stock price and its the fiduciary responsibility of corporate managers to their shareholders, who can blame them for taking free money from taxpayers to buyback shares. I guess my main question: when will Republicans voters realize this phenomena? When will logic prevail over rhetoric? Using the “laffer curve” argument over and over again just reminds me of the Seinfeld when they were all eating “fat-free ice cream” and it was “delicious”. Until a… Read more »