Cagle on “Kemp’s Career of Incompetence”

The gloves are off less than 24 hours after the Republican primary for Georgia Governor ended last night. A press release issued a few minutes ago by the Cagle campaign states that Cagle will spend “the next nine weeks talking with Georgians about his conservative vision for Georgia and contrasting his record of conservative accomplishments with Brian Kemp’s career of incompetence in the Secretary of State’s office.

He continued with the following jabs:

  • “As Cagle moved the state forward, any Georgian who votes, owns a business or gets a professional license has suffered at the hands of Kemp’s incompetent management, from the release of voters’ Social Security numbers to constant office failures that make it difficult to renew a business or professional license.”
  • “The records are starkly different and our vision for the state is starkly different. I’m going to give voters a serious, productive and conservative agenda for the next four years. My opponent has offered little other than gimmicks.
  • “And for all the voters horrified at the thought of nine more weeks of politics, you can thank Brian Kemp’s office for bungling the federal court case that forced these long runoffs on the state.

Cagle also made a plea to supporters of Hunter Hill, Clay Tippins, and Michael Williams:

“To the Georgians who strongly supported Hunter Hill, Clay Tippins or Michael Williams, let’s talk. I want to be your candidate if you share my vision for cutting taxes, training our workforce, creating high-paying jobs, fighting illegal immigration, protecting gun rights, promoting a culture that values life and defending our Christian values.”


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