Positive Campaign Mailer

Recipe on Campaign Mailer by Travis Chance

Jessica S. did a wonderful piece earlier today on the art (or lack thereof) of negative campaigning. It was due to constant negative campaigning by former Rep. Geoff Duncan that led me to vote for Sen. David Shafer for Lt. Governor.

It just so happens that the USPS shows I have a campaign mailer waiting for me in my mailbox that takes a different spin on traditional campaigning. Travis Chance, a former Statesboro councilman and current Republican candidate for Bulloch County Commissioner, shared his grandmother’s chewy cake recipe on his recent mailer.

Understandably, I paused for a few moments this morning when I saw the image of the mailer. The more I thought about it, the more I saw the genius of this mailer. I don’t know about above the gnat line, but in my neck of the woods, recipes are a prized commodity. Church dinners often turn into a frenzy of recipe requests and swapping. Often they are shared, but sometimes the recipe holder is reticent in letting their prized recipe go.

I visited a local mechanic yesterday and we had a discussion about the overwhelming volume of mailers this cycle and their eventual home in the trash can. However, I cannot help but think that this is one political mailer that is going to find its way on to a refrigerator for future reference.

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