Michael Williams: “YouTube BANNED My Deportation Ad”

From a campaign email from Sen. Michael Williams, Republican candidate for Georgia Governor:

I announced the Michael Williams Deportation Bus Tour yesterday and the liberal media is losing their minds over my tour! CBS compared it to Hitler while AJC reporter Greg Bluestein called it a “stunt.”

While I was writing this email, YouTube BANNED my Deportation Bus ad for “Hate Speech”! They will do anything to keep our message from voters like you! This is the same video that aired on FoxNews Channel multiple times today.

Sanctuary cities are very dangerous for Georgians and law enforcement. When an illegal alien murders, rapes, kidnaps, or commits any other crime in a Sanctuary City, local law enforcement officers legally cannot deport the criminal!

Career politicians talk about Sanctuary Cities, but I put words to action.

That’s why the Michael Williams Deportation Bus Tour begins in Georgia’s dangerous Sanctuary Cities of Clarkston, Decatur, and Athens.

Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry called on his police officers to follow my Deportation Bus around Clarkston to protect illegals! The far-left is insane! They prioritize criminal illegal aliens over Georgians.

We need a governor who stands with Georgians, not illegal aliens.

I don’t care what the liberal media says about my bus tour.

I don’t care that Antifa is threatening to harm me.

I don’t care about the lies spread by far-left radicals.

What I do care about are you and your safety. Sanctuary Cities pose a great threat to American jobs, healthcare, education, and safety. This bus tour is about ending a policy that destroys America.

The liberal media and liberal companies can’t silence us. We will keep fighting against radical liberalism and illegal aliens.


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