Cagle Goes After Decatur’s Sanctuary Policies

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle is not happy with the actions of the Immigration Enforcement Review Board (IERB) after they adjourned a hearing of a complaint filed by Cagle without taking any action. Cagle is upset that Decatur has defended “its decision to order police officers not to arrest violent felons.”

Cagle states the the city admitted during questioning that:

1. Police officers have been ordered not to detain and deliver to federal authorities violent felons who have active deportation orders from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

2. The city has put a policy in place that if any officers detain these violent illegal aliens, then they will be subject to disciplinary action including firing.


“The evidence presented at the hearing by the city itself backs up my contention that Decatur is violating state law and acting as a sanctuary city. What floors me is that Decatur provides more leniency to criminal illegal immigrants than it does to citizens who’ve committed a similar crime. Decatur’s reckless policy is endangering Georgia’s families, and putting citizens at risk during a time when drug traffickers and MS13 gang members are spreading across the country.

To me, laws that I helped pass that are already on the books forbid what Decatur is doing. But if there’s any loophole – real or imagined – I intend to close it. If there’s any confusion in the law, I’m going to bring clarity.

In Georgia, we stand by President Trump’s efforts to end sanctuary city policies. Our elected officials are supposed to work with federal authorities to deport criminal illegal immigrants who threaten our communities, and there will be consequences for those that don’t.”

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2 years ago

Lib’rul Decatur- boogy boogy boogy boogy…
MS13- boogy boogy boogy boogy

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