Shenanigans in Gov’s Race: Who Is behind the Hill Hit Piece Mailer & Website?

A hit piece slamming Republican candidate Hunter Hill is hitting mailboxes around the state and while it doesn’t say who paid for the piece, the return address on the mailer opens the door for questions but gives few answers as to who is behind the attack.

The mailer, which calls Hunter Hill a ‘convenient conservative’ and accuses him of double talk, directs voters to a website address of “”. Both the mailer and the website attack Hill for double speak on pro-life issues, the Second Amendment, and President Trump. The mailer, as seen below, alludes to a Facebook post from 2015, a Project Vote Smart Questionnaire from 2008, and a newspaper article from the Marietta Daily Journal when claiming Hill changed his perspective.  The website does not offer any information about an organization, campaign, or person responsible for the content.










There’s no “Paid for by…” information on the piece, but when you Google the address on the mailer… (Fun fact: Georgia no longer requires a “Paid for by…” disclosure on state-level races, though most candidates and organizations honor the old law.)


But just because the return address indicates that it’s the Cagle campaign headquarters, however, doesn’t mean that is who is actually behind the mailer. Return address usage, though frowned upon and illegal, is used all the time as Election Days draw near. And though the June 30th campaign finance deadline may shed light on expenditures made over the last several weeks by each campaign, we may never know for sure who is behind the “Hill Say Anything” campaign.


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