Monday Morning Reads – May 14

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s the last week before Election Day, and shenanigans will run amuck. Brace yourselves.

News by the Numbers

2020 aspirations – Potential 2020 presidential candidate Senator Harris traveled from California to Atlanta after endorsing Stacey Abrams’ campaign for the Democrat nomination. Certainly, she’s attempting to build goodwill among Georgia’s progressive voters.

200,000 votes short – Y’all need to vote. We are well on our way to historically low voter turnout.

2.5 million illegal aliens – California’s sanctuary state law is fodder for conservatives and moderates to revolt against the state’s leftward swing in the midst of the Trump presidency. At the heart of the debate is the question, “who matters more? Me or an undocumented immigrant?”

$160 million in profit – Newspaper is dying, and one man has figured out how to make money on its death. I am not saying I’m glad, but I am saying I’m intrigued.

250 miles of coast – This is weird. Bolivia, a landlocked nation, has a navy mostly because they’re bitter.


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