Gingrich, GOP Leaders Endorse Shigley

From a campaign press release:

“Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich has endorsed Ken Shigley in his race for Georgia Court of Appeals judge, joining a chorus of support from conservative leader including Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren, former Georgia GOP chair Sue Everhart and former Congressman Lynn Westmoreland.

“Ken Shigley is the best candidate for the Georgia Court of Appeals,” said Gingrich in Shigley’s new TV ad. “He knows the law — has the experience, temperament and wisdom.”

In addition to the Gingrich ad running on Fox News Channel, Shigley is launching a $200,000 media buy to renew his original ad   on metro Atlanta TV that started Monday.

Everhart points out that Shigley’s opponent in the May 22 race is a lifelong Democrat. “He has run for office four times as a Democrat,” she said. “I think the voters deserve to know the truth. I support Ken Shigley.”

“I appreciate the support of these great leaders who have devoted much of their lives to serving Georgians,” Shigley said. “As a judge on the Georgia Court of Appeals, I will demonstrate conservative values by applying the law not making the law, limiting myself to two terms and will not get a judicial pension under current law.”

Shigley served as president of the State Bar of Georgia from 2011 to 2012. The volunteer position involved intense interaction with the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government and all classes and levels of judges statewide, a 150-member board of governors, 16-member executive committee and staff of 75 in three offices in Atlanta, Savannah and Tifton. He later chaired board of trustees for the Institute for Continuing Legal Education in Georgia.”

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I got a robocall from Sue Everhart Thats reason enough to not vote for someone. I hate robocalls that I dont answer that still leave a message

Will Durant
Will Durant

Just saw one of his teevee ads on the local news and yes it is unseemly in my mind to see potential judges soliciting for votes, contributions, etc. You have to wonder about the payback. At least he wasn’t fondling his gun…


Assuming we elect, the veil of partisanship is so thin anyways, Between endorsements, appearances at fundraisers… Not saying abandon the idea, but tighten the meaning of nonpartisanship. But . even then parties will inject themselves. As will anyone who wants to legally interject a partisan opinion, as in anyone can. So, I’m with you that the judiciary deserves competence over politics. The system we have for appointing some vacancies in the judiciary- with the Nominating Commission- could even work somewhat well for that. But some partisan hack would probly sue saying the Bar Assn. couldn’t be involved or something like… Read more »


Funny just found a story/letter about the Nominating Commission not being diverse enough- in both its makeup and its choices.
But still- better than elections.


Does Ginsberg’s obvious hatred of Trump and conservatives bother you at all? Doesn’t she epitomize partisanship on the Supreme Court? She seems to relish her political role.


The Notorious RBG holds love in her heart for all of God’s creatures, even Trump, despite his lack of qualifications to serve as POTUS.

If you’re really worried about partisanship by Supreme Court Justices, you’re probably especially concerned about some of Justice Alito’s speeches. Maybe those should be your focus.