My Semi-Conspiratorial Theory on Atlanta’s Cyber Attack and Corruption Investigation.

Truly “it” is.

Get your tinfoil ready, folks because this one is gonna be a doozy.

The cyber attack that crippled Atlanta (to the the tune of 2.7 million-plus taxpayer clams) six weeks ago continues to reverberate and it all feels a bit too convenient.

Just after we learn about former Mayor Kasim Reed’s questionable bonuses it turns out the memo outlining said payments is missing.

I highlight that only to give the most recent example of why the attack seems peculiar.

Most damningly, the attack happened right at the same time as investigations from the GBI go into hyperdrive and the attack hit some of the most corrupt elements of the Reed administration.

Oh. OK.

Now I don’t believe there was an inside job or even an elaborate con from anyone at City Hall. But I do think there is reason for conspiracy-minded folks to connect dots that may or may not be there.

Or I’m even crazier than y’all previously thought.


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