Cagle Releases Two New TV Ads for Governor’s Race

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, the Republican frontrunner for Governor, released two new TV ads this weekend. The first ad, entitled “Hand,” focuses on Cagle’s efforts to “transform Georgia’s education system.” Cagle states:

“Education is the great equalizer. My public school education allowed me to find great success despite a tough upbringing, and I want to revolutionize our education system so that every student can find individualized success.

As governor, I will advance education initiatives that center around enhancing local control over public schools, decreasing the amount of onerous paperwork that burdens already overworked educators, eliminating high-stakes standardized testing, improving third-grade reading levels, and declaring war on high school dropout rates.”

The second ad, entitled “Safe,” focuses on Cagle’s efforts to pass the Supporting and Strengthening Families Act. Cagle says the Act will “allow families to rely on friends and faith-based organizations – rather than government-run foster care – to care for children in need.”

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