Monday Morning Reads – April 16

Happy Monday, everyone! Today’s Morning Reads are late in honor of Ed’s birthday.

News By The Numbers

2020 elections – Let’s get through 2018 before we talk 2020, right? Wrong. A commission will study our election systems and make recommendations on how to revamp it.

105 missiles – Allied forces dropped a total of 105 missiles on chemical weapons facilities last week. Now Russia says another attack will create “chaos”

.001 percent chance – Okay, I made up that number, but it seems to fit. I mean, how many people can claim to be hated by both the Trump AND Obama administrations? Comey!

$90 million – Tom Steyer is in Atlanta today drumming up support for impeachment. He is the Democrats’ largest donor, so the looming question: Will he get involved in Georgia’s races?

58-page report – Senator David Shafer was exonerated of sexual harrasement last week. I never thought it sounded like him and wow I was correct.


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