Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 10

Good morning! Here’s a delightful profile of Taqueria del Sol’s chef Eddie Hernandez (including the secret ingredient in the chain’s addictive and perfect cheese dip).

  • Meanwhile, what has the south done to arroz con pollo? MADE IT EVEN MORE AWESOME, that’s what.
    • Fun fact: we are a big chicken & rice family. Scott Peacock’s recipe, made with short grain rice, is a family staple, but we’ve been experimenting with C&R recipes from around the world, including one Spain, Finland, and Atlanta chef Asha Gomez’s spectacular version that I am pretty sure I’ve linked to before.
  • ICE is doing roundups in Glynn County.
  • The transit conversation in Cobb County is just getting started.
  • Russia’s influence on the NRA may be deeper than originally believed.
  • Speaking of Russia… here’s a preview of Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional testimony.
  • Huh. I wonder if the federal deficit hitting the $1 trillion mark in 2020 will impact that election cycle? What was it that Carville said all those years ago…?
  • The DOJ approved a massive Monsanto-Bayer deal.

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