Secretary of State Debate Tonight Hosted By 6th District GA GOP

The Georgia Republican Party’s 6th District, Chaired by Darryl Wilson, is hosting a debate this evening at Lassiter High School in Roswell/East Cobb. This will be a chance to hear from the Republican candidates for Secretary of State, on the same page.

To attend, an RSVP is requested. You can do so at this link.

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Question: Will Buzz be the voice of reason, or will he feel obligated to play in the right wing fringe sandbox?

Andrew C. Pope
Andrew C. Pope

Candidate A: I can purge 1,000 minorities from the voter rolls!

Candidate B: I can purge 2,000 minorities from the voter rolls!

Candidate C: That’s nothing! I can purge 10,000 minorities from the voter rolls!

Lawton Sack
Lawton Sack

Michael Williams: Amateurs!


Funny, I read through his campaign page and about the only thing I’d agree with him on is medical cannabis and probably concealed carry.

He likes to shadow-box a lot of non-issues.