Morning Reads for a 50th Anniversary

What could have been accomplished had our state’s most honorable citizen had a few more years of service? What will happen when people begin forgetting the Civil Rights Era?

“I Shall Be Released” by The Heptones 

  1. WABE’s been doing yeoman’s work on the 50th anniversary of MLK’s assassination.
  2. Bells will ring from Stone Mountain today, fulfilling a small part of MLK’s dream. 
  3. A reminder that MLK’s mother was also gunned down not long after her son. 
  4. What it was like to be a reporter covering MLK’s death. 
  5. Visiting the Lorraine Motel in 2018. 
  6. Barack Obama and John Lewis discuss MLK’s legacy. 
  7. State of Georgia will be a good employer and assist folks caught in Blue Cross dispute. 
  8. It’s decision day for D’Marcus Simonds, an honorable mention for All-American honors. (He needs to stay one more year). 
  9. Catch up with GA’s basketball player of the year and GSU commit Kavonte Ivery. 

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