Monday Morning Reads – April 2

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope your post-session weekend was relaxing!

News by the Numbers

7 Republican candidates – The Republican candidates for governor met in Flowery Branch to explain why they’re amazing and why their opposition sucks.

9 bills – Governor Deal vetoed only nine bills last session, and he vetoed two important bills in 2016. He has decisions to make in his last year in office.

2673 cyber attacks – Atlanta isn’t alone in its cyber attack. Thousands reported attacks, with educational institutions the most likely to be hit. The question remains: Did Atlanta pay the $51,000 ransom?

$91 million per month – Plant Vogtle continues construction at a cost of $91 million per month with the majority of that cost falling on ratepayers. Appeals continue with every hit of the hammer.

95-year-old company – That’s right; Peeps is ruining your retirement. Happy flippin’ Easter.

2020 census – By asking about citizenship, people are worried that power may slightly shift in favor of Republicans. That’s because congressional seats are allocated based upon population INCLUDING those who aren’t citizens. We’ll find out if this is meaningful in 2020, I suppose.

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